Pen tattoo machine Hornet GRN

350 (431 incl. VAT)

Pen tattoo machine Hornet
Grip 28 mm

Compatible with all standard cartridges

Stroke 3.2 mm
Variable up to 4 mm needle depth
8000 RPM
Preferred voltage 4,5-13 volts

RCA Connection
Aluminium Body
Weight 145 gr.

Tattooing boasts an ancient legacy, dating back centuries. In times of yore, these skin embellishments held specific intentions. People held the belief that tattoos could ward off diseases or unforeseen demise, as well as instill fear in adversaries and captivate the hearts of loved ones. In the past, the art involved incising the skin and introducing specialized pigments underneath, a procedure infamous for its excruciating nature.

Today, the realm of tattooing has evolved substantially. Modern professionals possess the capability to execute tattoos akin to permanent makeup, sparing clients from discomfort. Utilizing advanced tools like the Hornet (Sniper Green) aluminum pen tattoo machine, artists can effortlessly craft precise lines and intricate designs. Esteemed for both makeup application and tattoo artistry, this specialized device adheres rigorously to hygiene and quality standards. Notably, it empowers the artist to fashion meticulous lines consistently, maintaining its performance excellence for upwards of four to five years.

The replacement of the device’s cartridge emerges as a straightforward process, as this device accommodates a wide array of compatible cartridges. Weighing a mere 145 grams, this apparatus operates at a formidable 8000 RPM velocity, requiring a voltage of 4.5-13 V. Moreover, the needle’s penetration depth spans from 1 to 3.5 mm, facilitating versatile creative expression.


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