Tattoo guns

Tattoo gun, of course, the determining factor in creating a tattoo is the skill of a specialist, but the quality of the equipment used is also not the least. Tattoo gun is a tool that extends or, on the contrary, limits the capabilities of the master.

The main advantage of modern professional tattoo gun is that it makes it possible to control the drawing process, so the finished image is clearer and more accurate. Quality of tattoo gun helps to be careful while affecting the skin. The mechanism is designed in such a way that the needle is fixed as hard as possible, so the process of applying the image to the skin is as safe as possible.

Rotary and induction machines

Professional tattoo gun allows a good master to create truly high-quality images. Today, two types are used in tattoo parlors: rotary and induction. The former is used to perform “fine” works. Such guns imposes an even contour, therefore such devices are used, as a rule, in tattoo and for drawing very small details. The principle of their work is based on the transformation of rotational movements of the tattoo gun into reciprocating.

Rotary tattoo gun is considered the best choice for beginner masters, because their work can be slowed down if necessary. Adjust the frequency of needle impacts by changing the speed of rotation of the rotor.

Induction tattoo gun is designed for experienced professionals. They work much faster, since the principle of their action is based on the alternate attraction and repulsion of the rod with the needle by the electromagnet.

Contour and paint models

Experienced tattoo artists in their work apply induction tattoo gun of two types: for drawing out contour elements and for solid shading. Contour devices (Liner) are lighter and much faster. The speed of their work reaches several thousand beats per minute. Due to such a sharp movement of the needle, the paint does not have time to spread in the skin and the applied line turns out to be clear and even.

To fill the pattern with paint, this tattoo gun is not suitable, because of too high speed of operation they can injure the skin when processing large areas. Such tasks are performed by fillers (Shader). Tattoo gun of such type is heavier than contour ones, it works slower and noticeably vibrate, so it is not so precise. But due to the low speed of the needle, they allow the paint to flow freely and fill the whole contour of the picture.

Each master selects a tattoo gun, depending on his preferences, financial capabilities, the type of work performed and the style of creating tattoos. The market offers quality, reliable and easy-to-use for both beginner tattooists and professional masters. This can be inexpensive rotary tattoo gun, and exclusive author’s items.

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