BONE Shader Tattoo Machine Bronze

270 (332 incl. VAT)

Tattoo machine shader.

The frame is machined from a single piece of Bronze

High quality coils – 26 mm * 8 wraps

Blued steel hardware

Preferred needles 7-15m

Soft hit, Medium stroke

Runs 105hz at 6,6 volt -unloaded

Tattoo machine weight 180gr.

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There are many kinds of tattoo machines with various capacities and functions: induction for painting, contour machines, shaders and rotary ones . For each kind of work you need different equipment and material, so tattoo masters use different kind of models.

At the beginning, you need to buy several handsets-holders: while working with one, the second is being sterilized. Tools should only be metallic or disposable to contact well with the skin. You need to buy a power supply and clip-cord, metal pedal, contour needles and stains, pigments, caps, disposable noses and gloves, anesthesia, Vaseline. You should equip the workplace conveniently, have a table, a chair with adjustable height, a couch for clients.

It is important to pay attention to the machine power, you can buy from 5 to 9 volts, but the higher this figure, the smoother the equipment will work. To use a more powerful device, you should have much experience if you don`t want to injure the skin.

Induction-type devices are a traditional equipment for a professional tattoo artist, allowing to do a wide range of works (drawing strokes, shaded lines, etc.), and apply the image to thickened skin areas. Drawing the tattoo is provided with a needle attached to the rod, which is attracted and repelled by the plate under the action of an electromagnet. The needle in the process of work of the tattoo master moves in a straight line, but because of the strong vibration, its efficiency is somewhat reduced.

Contouring machines- This device is much faster and easier than its predecessor, in addition, due to the design features, it provides a sharp bounce and a return of the needle. As the needle quickly passes under the skin and returns as quickly as possible, it becomes possible to provide high sharpness of the picture during operation, preventing the ink from spreading under the skin. The contour of the tattoo lies on the skin with an even contrasting line. When working, the contour machine produces a sound similar to the buzzing of a bee. It is necessary to observe the designation of the contouring machine specified in the operating instructions and not to apply it for painting the skin areas. Otherwise, the opportunity to permanently damage the client’s skin surface is great.
Painting machines – the needle, while in the epidermis, runs a little forward so that the paint can disperse. In the work there should be less effort.
The shadow machine or the shaders are designed to draw shadows.


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