Tattoo machine power supply

Quality tattoo power supply for tattoo gun

It’s been years since the Right Stuff has been supplying world-leading tattoo shops and artists with the highest quality tattoo power supplies. Besides sourcing the best tattoo power supplies, Right Stuff negotiates the best prices in the market and passes along the savings to its clients by setting the most profitable prices on tattoo equipment.

When selecting a power supply, it’s important to consider the voltage, type, fluctuations, the number of tattoo machines you are going to hook up, as well as the size, weight, and portability of the power supply.

The professional Tattoo power supply by RS Power is a sensibly priced machine you are sure to stay satisfied with. The power supply designed for providing your tattoo gun with enough power to create amazing arts on human bodies is dependable and will last for years!

This machine manufactured by RS Power is made of aluminum and steel. It features a strong magnetic base and weighs only 315gr. The power supply machine (1.8-11.8 volts, max 3A) is convenient in operation and comes with the power adapter included. This power supply machine is reliable and promises to exceed your expectations.