Coil Tattoo Machines – An Outline

Coil tattoo machines are quite popular among tattoo artists due to their convenience and efficiency. Here’s a quick intro to these.

The coil tattoo machines usually consist of 8 to 10 wraps. The coils produce resistance or impedance and are used for properly regulating the power and speed of the machine. That way, it causes less pressure on the skin. Coil machines have three groups as follows: liners, shaders, and color packers.

A liner coil machine is designed to penetrate the skin faster and is utilized to outline a tattoo design in only a single pass. It uses a small contact circuit that’s about 1 to 2 mm long. It causes the machine to work smoother and faster.

A shader, on the other hand, is mainly slower and it hits the skin in a soft way than a linear one. As suggested by the name, the shader machine is utilized for shading purposes. The machine has a low saturation level. Also, it maintains a bigger contact gap (about 2 to 3.5 mm) than the linear one to create a slow cycle. A Shader machine can easily be used for sculpting any line.  Some tattoo artists prefer to use this sort of line to lessen the trauma on the skin.

Again, a color packer is designed to hit the skin in a hard, deep, and fast way so that the solid-colored ink can enter into the skin as evenly and quickly as possible. It uses filling colors or black colors to create a shaded effect.

However, color packer machines are generally not recommended for grey shading. The reason is that the shade is aggressively packed into the skin and a grey color may not reflect properly in such a machine.

Coil machines are covered to protect the clients and artists from any cross-contamination. The reason is that such machines are not at all autoclavable. Nowadays, the tube attached to the machines is disposable. The coils themselves cannot come in direct contact with a high-level disinfectant. Cleaning such machines is a bit difficult as these can easily get damaged.


Usually, the price of a decent-quality coil machine costs around $500 to $600. However, as we have already discussed, a professional requires at least three machines. Depending on the company setup, you may have 10 to 12 distinct machines, so the costs add up.

Each needle needs a different machine so if you use 5 needles, you will require 5 distinct machines. Alternatively, you may tear down the machine, change the needle as well as the configuration, then add a new needle, reconfigure and set it up to start tattooing again. If you are an amateur, this can be fine. However, if you own a tattoo business, you can understand that this reconfiguration will require every time you change a needle.


The appearance of the machine is more traditional and iconic. Here you can have more choices and you may even customize to develop your coil machine. We recommend you purchase the available ones while you are in the learning stage. Later on, you may customize your machine depending on the type of design you usually make, how sharp nip you want, and so on.


The sound of a coil machine acts as a double-edged sword! While some artists prefer to listen to the buzzing noise of the traditional device, others complain about the monotonous sound. These other audiences prefer the silent yet smooth activity of the rotary or pen tattoo machine.


Vibration is quite common when you are using a coil tattoo machine. Several artists or regular professionals complain that the vibration has caused pain in their wrists, hands, and fingers. Some have even complained that they have lost sensation in their hands after long sessions.

This is what you can learn if you enroll yourself in a tattoo art school. Here you will learn how to hold and keep working despite the pain or numbness in your hand. However, some manufacturers have noted this point and have tried to improve their machines. Some brands have even considered designing new coil machines that don’t cause too much vibration. However, you should bear in mind that these machines will cost you more.


This is yet another struggle point and has received mixed reviews from tattoo artists. Usually, a coil tattoo machine is quite bulky. Some artists like this fact as it gives them greater control over the machine and they can properly hold the device. Some others don’t like this fact and they prefer a lightweight and portable tattoo machine like a pen tattoo machine.

Hope you have found the article interesting and informative. Feel free to comment on your valuable thoughts and also share the article with your friends and family.

Coil tattoo machine parts

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