Charles Hardin
I love my machines from Right Stuff. The true liner is so good make you slap your boss! From 5rl to 14rl’s it’s smooth.
Stuart Tasker
These machines hit hard right where you need them to.. Have a powerliner and a black worker that could hammer nails if I needed them to 🙂 also some of the best customer service I’ve had when dealing with any issues
Mick Coxhead
Got my new machine today and it’s bad ass really pleased with it thanks to rightstuff 😀
Josh Wiley
Amazing machines and great service. They custom built my machine just the way I wanted it. I’ll be seeing them for a shader in the future.
Michael Re
love the machines!!!run like scolded dogs!! will definatly be sending other artists your way..
Jonathan Vianen
Looks great! Will soon be ordering from you!!
Mickey Mike
I am very satisfied with my machine right stuff for the dotwork
Валентин Святославов
Right Stuff, this is the best circuit!!!!!!!!!!

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