Custom tattoo guns

The tattoo machine of the new generation provides ample opportunities for high-precision electronic control of parameters such as the speed and depth of impact of the needle. In the tattoo machine is more reliable steel and power supplies. In addition, manufacturers have equipped this equipment for tattoo with other additional elements that enhance the convenience of working with a custom tattoo gun and improve the quality of the tattoo being created.

In the catalogue of our company you may find tattoo gun of two main groups:

  • rotary tattoo gun;
  • induction tattoo gun.

Rotary tattoo gun is noiseless and minimal vibrating/ it is easy to use such custom tattoo gun, but require careful and slow manipulations. With a rotary-type tattoo gun, one and the same skin area must be passed twice.

Induction tattoo gun is used for outline drawing (they are called liners) and shading (these are shaders). Also on the market it is possible to find universal tattoo gun that perform both functions, and ready-made tattoo gun, in which there is not only the machine itself, but all additional accessories for it.

Induction tattoo machine is noisier, but it’s capabilities are very extensive: it helps to create contours, create the effect of shadows and watercolors, perform shading, and shade lines. Another factor of popularity of such tattoo gun is the ease of working with thick skin. That is why most masters prefer induction principle tattoo gun. And this type of equipment is present in almost all sets.

Standard complect of tattoo gun

To work with a tattoo, a novice master needs to purchase not only a tattoo gun, but also a set of equipment that will be needed for the most elementary tasks. Its basis is formed by:

  • several holders for tattoo gun with different grips (they duplicate each other during sterilization);
  • power supply with clip-cord;
  • foot control;
  • needles for tattoo;
  • special paints for tattoos and caps for them;
  • one- and reusable (steel) tips for tattoo machines;
  • preparations of anesthetic, antiseptic action;
  • other accessories.
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