Tattoo machine coils

High-quality items for induction tattoo machines with a capacitor.
You must pay special attention to the quality of the coil, while choosing a tattoo machine. Splendid functioning of your machine depends on the quality, as well as the final result of the whole work. Coils can have different number of turns:

  • 10 wraps

General requirements : high-quality copper wire in transparent heat shrinkage. Ferromagnetic core. Capacitor is capacious. Suitable for all types of induction apparatus – liner, shader.

  • 12 wraps

General requirements : steel core. Quality 12-phase winding of copper wire with an optimum cross- section in transparent heat shrinkage.
universal coils are suitable for liner and shader tattoo machines. The capacitor is a current filtering device. By obstructing the passage of current, the filter coil actually accumulates electrical energy as the alternating current increases in each cycle and releases that energy when the current drops to a minimum. Power capacitors require an air gap inside the core structure. The purpose of the air gap is to reduce and regulate the effective magnetic permeability of the magnetic structure.
Coils are made of high quality material and durable for a long time. Old and worn out coils in your machine are very easily replaced with new ones.

Suitable for both professional and home use.

These coil tattoo machines will be your best choice.

Of course, the coil can be hand-made, but it requires great knowledge and vast experience in this area.

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