KEG – Slide Rotary tattoo machine (Red)

270 (332 incl. VAT)

Slide Rotary tattoo machine

3,6mm stroke
8000 RPM
Preferred voltage 6-13 volts

Recommended Needles: Up to 9 Liner, UP to 23 Mag
Aluminium Body
Weight 120 gr.
Clip Cord and RCA

Since the time when Samuel O`Reilly, famous tattoo master, created electric tattoo gun in 1891, new tattoo devices started to appear worldwide. Slide Rotary tattoo machine appliance is one of the most prominent ones. It works using eccentric, which turns rotation of the motor into return motion of the needles. It works with a little buzzing noise, while the induction machine does with the loud crack.

As there is no impact torque in the process of this rotary device work, the vibration is lower. It allows tattoo artist to make small details of the image, reducing the probability of error. It is very important advantage, especially for starters. Using rotary machine, you can use softline/hardline categories, which makes master`s work more comfortable and also reduces the risk of injuring a client. Most of all, rotary guns are used for multicolored, art works, where a speed and density line are not the main factors.


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