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Over the last 25-30 years, tattoos have made an extraordinary comeback. Until recently tattoos were an iconic symbol for counter-culture, to denote the revolt against the authoritarian Establishment. Not just the younger generation, but all ages adjoining the race for better and more expressive skin art. This has not only been made possible by the extraordinary catching up of society at large with the Digital Age but an engineering revolution that has overtaken this field after quite some time. While the dominant Coil Tattoo machines are no longer the clumsy and heavy devices, which were often painful for customers, it is the Rotary machines that are now taking over the race. Since 1891, when Rotary machines were first invented by Samuel O’Reilly (following the lead of Edison’s Stencil Pens), rotary tattoo machineshave not changed much, but the German Manfred Kohr’s Exenter Rotary Machine of 1976 and Carson Hill’s Pneumatic Machine completely revolutionized the field of Rotary tattooing.

The Finest

Many of the finest and most loved rotary tattoo  machines are listed below

  • Yilong Rotary Tattoo Machine: This is a wonderful solution for both Lining and Shading. The kit is more or less complete, with all necessary accessories. Hand-assembled to perfection, it has low weight and low noise, with hardly any vibration. But this is not a beginner’s machines, but only for Professionals.
  • Dragonhawk Raven Rotary Tattoo Machine: The name Dragonhawk means this machine is the best of its type in the industry. This machine is capable of tackling the most difficult skin areas of the body with elan. Solid color packing is also a speciality. It’s particularly suited to blackwork and shading.
  • Dragonhawk Mast Rotary Tattoo Pen: The Dragonhawk name itself is sufficient recommendation for this wonderful pen. It has a space aluminium frame, yet it is quite affordable. Accuracy and control are its hallmarks. Ink is however sold separately.
  • Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine: This fantastic machine is built out of space quality aluminium alloy that is not just good looking, but extremely durable. The 10W motor is almost silent. The package includes the Hybrid Tattoo Pen, a Connection Line, Jack Plug Adaptor, and needle cartridge.
  • Mast Tour Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine: This latest Pen is a dream to operate. It deals with depth and is easy to handle and carry. The LED lights indicate connectivity, and it can carry on tattooing for very long sessions with overheating.
  • Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Tattoo Machine: This is relatively high priced, but a truly tried and tested professional machine that has served some of the best professionals over many years, and is continually being improved. The ultimate hand grip makes handling this heavy setup machine like a knife through butter. Two grip sizes are provided. It provides many color options. The only hindrance is that it is not suitable for heavy lining.
  • Hommii Professional Alloy Tattoo Machine: This is another very affordable but professional machine. While still not very widely known, the quality is totally at variance with its price. It only weighs around 150gms, which is really lightweight. Minimal vibration ensures absolutely fine lining. The grips add to the ease of tattooing. The only drawback seems that the company is still relatively new in this market.
  • FK Irons Spectra Direct2 Tattoo Machine: This is a fully professional machine, made with heavy-duty metal. The adjustable stroke setting allows ease of changing the setup easily. This is a durable machine and pays back every cent of the money spent on its somewhat high price. The grips are special and provide superb control while tattooing, particularly over the depth of penetration of the skin and the fineness of the lines. Though plastic pop sometimes needs adjustment, this is only a minor problem.
  • Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine: This is the complete Professional Machine. It is low noise and does not overheat easily, even when the tattooing goes on for long periods. It is very affordable for what it is capable of, and the price tag will suit even the newcomer’s pockets. This is manufactured from professional grade metal. The motor comes from Germany. The feel of a real pen is duplicated perfectly, so the Artist almost feels like he is doing a pen sketch. Very low noise and only imperceptible vibration make this machine also ideal for the beginner. There is only the small drawback of lubrication after some days, but that is only a minor distraction for this fine machine.
  • Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine: This machine is the summation of all tattoo machines. Built out of the finest aircraft billet aluminium, this machine is hand-assembled and polished with the most care. It’s perfect for detailed crafting and has a lifetime warranty. It is expensive, but worth every cent of the money spent.   
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