Pen tattoo machine Hornet WHT -32mm Grip

355 (437 incl. VAT)

Pen tattoo machine Hornet
Grip 32*50mm

Stift tattoo maschine Hornet

Compatible with all standard cartridges

Stroke 3.2 mm
Variable up to 4 mm needle depth
8000 RPM
Preferred voltage 4,5-13 volts

RCA Connection
Aluminium Body
Weight 145 gr.

Tattooing is an ancient art. Centuries ago skin paintings had their particular purposes – people believed: a tattoo could protect them from diseases or sudden death; help them frighten enemies and attract beloved persons. Making a tattoo old masters cut the skin and injected special paints under it. The whole process was very painful.

Today a professional can even make a tattoo constant make-up: the client will never get unpleasant feelings. Using special aluminum stift tattoo machine Hornet (White) he can easily make even lines and tiny tattoos. This professional device for make-up and tattooing meets all the requirements for hygiene and quality. It lets a master produce precise lines – the pen will work perfectly for more than four-five years.

Replacing the unit’s cartridge is a simple process, as almost all convenient cartridges are compatible with this device. The item weighing 145 grams works at 8000 RPM speed at 4,5-13 V voltage. The needle’s depth varies from 1 to 3,5 mm.


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