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Tattoo machine cartridge from RightStuff

Tattoos are always made in two ways – manual and automatic. And after the second type had appeared, people decided it is the best way to make tattoo. But, this is people’s choice now, because somebody thinks, that the manual one is less painful for skin.

Actually, automatic way of tattoo’s drawing is more popular nowadays. So, masters started to use tattoo machine cartridges to make the process easier and to make their clients feel more comfortable during the procedure.

The sense of cartridge using

Tattoo machine cartridge is a device that combine needles for drawing and nozzle. The perfect construction of the cartridge makes possible to dose a pigment and makes blood hitting into the сartridge holder and tattoo machine impossible. Tattoo master fastens the cartridge to the machine manual, but is more comfortable to work when it has removable handle. This manipulation except pigment overuse at all.

Also, it means easy-to-use, because when there is a need to change colour, master should just change a cartridge. This way is the most sterile one, as an effect of needle hiding after the module is taken off.

The material and design are always different. But these days, every artist may choose the best cartridge needles among the variety of cartridges with the highest quality and perfect price.

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