Handmade rotary tattoo machines

The quality of the work of handmade rotary tattoo machine depends on the correct combination of materials for work, the shape and geometry of the tattoo machine gun, the number of turns on machine coil, the size of their cores, the quality of contacts and so on. And if in some way the manufacturer makes a mistake, the tattoo machine will not work as it should. In the home made rotary tattoo machine, the most important thing is the engine, and if it’s quality, then this tattoo machine will last very long and reliably.

Of course, handmade rotary tattoo machine is exclusive, and its price is variable. Modern rotary tattoo machine can differ in many ways. The principle of operation of all handmade rotary tattoo machine is based on the fact that the rotation of the rotor of the electric motor of the tattoo machine gun is converted by means of an eccentric into the translational movement of the needle. The speed of the tattoo machine is regulated by the number of revolutions per second of the rotor and, correspondingly, by the amount of voltage that is fed to the tattoo machine from the power unit. The operating voltage of the direct current required for the operation of the handmade tattoo machine is usually 3 to 8 volts. If you apply a voltage less, then this may not be enough to provide the required needle piercing frequency. If the voltage is greater than the probability of skin tightness is high, especially if the work is not done by an experienced tattoo artist.

Power of the electric motor

The power of the electric motor of the handmade rotary tattoo machine is very important, so it is not difficult to guess what exactly depends on it with what ease the tattoo needle will pierce the skin during the session. If your rotary tattoo machine has a weak motor, then it is suitable and good for small jobs with small bundles of needles, as well as for novice masters. Usually the work of handmade tattoo machine occurs at a voltage of about 5-6 volts, the skin is minimally traumatized and the paint from tattoo machine is well hammered under the skin.

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