Rotary tattoo guns

Modern rotary tattoo gun is designed in such a way that it is easy to work with even sensitive skin. Such tattoo gun machine is supplied with extra-thin acupuncture needles, which are considered the optimal solution for sensitive areas: from the eyebrows and lips to the nipples of the breast. So, such tattoo gun is widely used today.

The rotary tattoo gun works by converting the rotational motion into a reciprocating machine, during which the needle is immersed under the skin. The rotary tattoo gun has the ability to adjust the force of the needle’s immersion and its speed. The needle with ink is immersed into the skin to a depth of approximately 2 mm, and the speed of the passage can be set from 50 to 1000 beats per minute. When using a rotary tattoo gun, it is usually necessary to pass through one place several times, which causes painful sensations that take place within 20-30 minutes after the end of work.

Due to the maximally thin needle of the rotary tattoo gun, the intensity of pain is reduced, and the trauma of the skin is minimized. It is almost impossible to leave a scar with a rotary tattoo gun. Work should be done slowly and accurately, as there is no vibration, and usually only straight lines and clear contours are applied to it. It is also possible to use rotary tattoo gun for permanent make-up.

What is the difference between induction and rotary tattoo gun?

The rotary tattoo gun is much easier and when working with it the hand of the master gets tired much less.

The rotary tattoo gun is designed to perform straight lines and precise contours, and induction ones – strokes, transitions and pouring of large areas.

The tattoo gun machine has a small depth of penetration of the needle and low efficiency in problem areas – rough skin, fat deposits and cellulite.

Such tattoo gun requires repeated drawing on the surface of the drawing, while the induction gun  copes with the introduction of ink at a time.

Working with such tattoo gun is characterized by a quiet buzz, and induction – a sufficiently loud crack.

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