Professional tattoo machines

For many people making of body tattoos seems very simple process, but it is definitely not so. There is a huge number of all kinds of tools for drawing tattoos, such as professional tattoo machines, and from them depends a lot. Professionals are well-informed on this issue, but beginners should first understand what are the advantages of various types of tattoo machines – the main working tool of the tattoo artist.

For now, tattoo machines for professionals differ in their power, work principle and frame material. As a rule, they are made of stainless steel or aluminum, less often – of bronze. Accordingly, their weight can vary in a fairly wide corridor. As for the design of the frame, it can be cast or prefabricated.

As a rule, professional masters use two tattoo machines: for drawing a contour and for shadow drawing. There are also convenient universal models, which are mainly used by beginning tattoo artists.

All tattoo machines are divided into four types:

  • Coil tattoo machines;
  • Rotary tattoo machines;
  • Pneumatic;
  • Pen tattoo machines.

Professionals often use typewriters of the first type, because they help to regulate the amplitude of its movement. Rotor models are used by craftsmen much less often, although they are considered to be an ideal tool for dense staining. Tattoo machines of the pneumatic type are the most “weak” type of equipment. Their work is based on the supply of air. As for their main advantages, these are minimal noise and lightness.

Beginners don’t have to chase the latest offers of the tattoo equipment market. For neginners it is quite possible to do with a tool with averaged characteristics. For example, a high-quality universal machine makes it possible to try yourself in various techniques, including shadow, contour and coloring. But at the same time, some masters recommend to start at once with coil machine to get practice.

If to speak about the price, today are available professional tattoo machines for sale. High-quality pro tattoo machines for sale will help to carry out any difficult task.

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