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Essential Things You Need to Know About Pen Tattoo Machine

Tattoo is nowadays an important style statement. And with the increasing demand of various types of tattoo, different types of machines are innovated to bring the designs into life.

The process of tattooing demands reciprocating various needles to penetrate into the skin in a high frequency. This requires the artists to use such a machine that gives them the right grip and convenience to design without any hassles. Pen tattoo machines are extremely popular these days as these offer the required qualities. Here’s a comprehensive idea of pen tattoo machine.

In this type of pen tattoo machines, the needle arrangement and mechanism are usually in sync with the cylindrical casting. These offer a unique and appealing design. Also, pen tattoo machines are easy to develop. Further, manufacturers are becoming more and more efficient and experienced and creating compact machines that are suitable for battery-powered uses.

These new gen pen tattoo machines are portable, lightweight, and compact. Also, since these are battery-operated, anyone can use these anywhere and everywhere.

Nowadays, different types of tattoo machines are designed along with a pen for greater convenience and efficiency. Two of these types of machines include the coil tattoo machine and rotary tattoo machine. Let’s take a look at these.

The coil tattoo machine uses an electromagnetic circuit to offer a linear motion to the needle. On the other hand, a conventional rotary tattoo machine utilizes an electric motor along with a rotating shaft featuring a cam mechanism at the end. The cam is usually placed axially or perpendicularly to offer a linear motion to the needle.

Also, the tattoo artists use three distinct types of colour strokes while designing a tattoo.. The use of the colour stroke depends on the design demanded by the customer.

The three types of colouring strokes are as follow:

  • Colouring – Here a greater number of colouring needles are available than the shading needles.
  • Shading – Here multiple needles repeatedly penetrate into the skin
  • Lining – Here a single needle is used for penetrating into the skin.

In each stage of colouring, the throw has to be greater than the earlier stage to avail the right skin penetration.

That’s why the tattoo artists have three machines in their kitty – every set for the precise strokes. While it eliminates the requirement to adjust the rotary tattoo machine for every single stage, it also demands the three distinct machines to be purchased, cleaned and maintained after every usage.

After the evolution of pen tattoo machine, all of the needles are set into it. That’s because a pen tattoo machine has an extremely sharp nib and a decent space to grasp it. So it offers greater control to the tattoo artists and allows them to design precisely. Whether, to add the strokes of colour or shade – the pen tattoo machine does it all, with greater efficiency and precision.

Further, the artists can adjust the stroke length with cam change, speed with voltage change, and force with the help of spring force setting.

Here are a few iconic pen tattoo machines

Cheyenne hawk pen

Cheyenne pen review – The machine has gained significant popularity after it has launched. It causes little to no vibration and the silent pen tattooing machine is preferable to many artists. This is comfortable to use and you won’t face too much pain or numbness in your wrist or hand even after a long day tattooing.

The hawk pen has similar weight like a Proton pen. Actually the former is even better as the weight is distributed across the entire length of the machine. So it’s extremely comfortable to use.

Cheynne Sol Nova

The pen is synonymous to precision. With its short and lightweight yet wide body structure, the pen gives more control and comfort to the tattoo artists.

Equipped with an advanced and brushless DC motor, the machine delivers a brilliant operation and extremely gentle on the skin. Naturally, it allows a quick healing process for the clients.

It has a 3.5 mm length of stroke and its needle depth is adjustable from 0.1 to 4 mm. With its wide range of functionality, the pen can work at a high frequency for precise and bold line work and at a low frequency for dot work and colour realism.

Xion Pen

The pen gives more control to the artists over the entire length of the machine. It is even adjustable to harden or soften the hit. It has adjustable cams to adjust the ratcheting system and the stroke length system for a precise design.

Though this is heavier than the Proton pen and the Hawk pen, Xion pen is more balanced and extremely lightweight. Due to its nominal weight, you won’t face any trouble tattooing.

Hope the article has been helpful and informative. Feel free to put your valuable comments below and share as much as you can!

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