Tattoo machine pen

Usually an average girl spends half an hour or even an hour to turn her into a beauty. Making a skin picture with a special pen will not only reduce this time to a minimum, but it also will help the lady to look amazing not only during the day, but at night as well. Today many people are interested in manual tattooing. We have come to a decision to explain the difference between this device and a professional tattoo machine. The artist with tattoo machine pen can do not only the permanent makeup, but tattoos all over the body. This is an unusual tattoo gun, it looks like a pen.

The most efficient decision

The main device for creating this make-up is a tattoo pen – these is the simplest tools for making any permanent make-up or doing some other small pictures on skin.

What are these units?

All kinds and types of these special convenient machines are manufactured in our company. The design of these units is simplified: they consist of a remote power connected directly to the handle, where the motor is located. The speed regulation of tattoo machine pens of such devices is limited. These items work with needles. These needles are fixed into a disposable holder, which is almost changed for each client in order to exclude hepatitis or AIDS infection.

RightStuff propositions

The RightStuff company offers you ordering tattoo pen guns for the prices that you will never find in other stores. All the guns have the warranty, so that the client’s rights are always protected.

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