Rotary Tattoo Machine – Things You Must Know

Invented by German inventor Manfred Kohrs in 1978, a rotary machine is an advanced tool used by many tattoo artists. Though it was less popular in the mainstream industry even a few years back, recently its demand is beyond expectation. The reason is the convenience and ease of use.

A rotary machine is powered by a motor which spins in a vertical motion. The needle bar is connected with the motor that moves the needle both up and downward. Rotaries are more consistent than the coil tattoo machine. That’s because it doesn’t require any tuning – a procedure where the artist needs to adjust the needle shape and depth and supply power voltage.

A rotary machine is less customizable and the professional artists often complain about it. It also requires adequate knowledge and skill. Rotaries are also autoclaved and have a high disinfectant level. In fact, the artists prefer to use the rotary tattoo machine for this reason.

Here are a few features about rotary tattoo machine.

  1. Price

Since the rotary machine uses tubes that have a distinct cartridge system, you don’t have to purchase anything else than the machine. This is better than the coil tattoo machine that needs multiple machines for each needle.

However, the rotary machine costs quite a high amount. Now, remember that if you are not using the cartridge system, you have to purchase multiple machines.

  1. Appearance

A rotary machine is less popular than a traditional tattoo machine and much fewer customizations and options. This may be considered as an adverse feature by the pros. However, it’s indeed a great tool for beginners.

  1. Sound

One of the best parts of a rotary tattoo machine is that it makes no sound at all. This is indeed a positive feature for the tattooing machine. The buzzing sound coming from the coil machine is quite loud and irritating to many artists and clients. In fact, since tattooing takes a significant amount of time, the noise from the tattooing machine is quite bothersome, especially to the clients who are not used to such long and monotonous sound.

  1. Vibration

As a coil machine vibrates while working, a rotary machine doesn’t move too much. These are quite smooth to hold and use since these don’t vibrate. Too much vibration often causes problems in the artists’ hands and wrists. Some artists complaint to have lost sensation and feel irritation in the wrists and hands. Though the complaint is more apt for the coil tattoo machine but not for the rotary ones.

  1. Weight

The rotary machines are much lightweight as compared to a heavy coil tattoo machine. However, some find the weight of the coil machine offers greater control to the artists over the machine and allows them to work more precisely.

This is an important part of the rotary machine. You need great expertise and knowledge of using a rotary machine. Since it is lightweight, you need to be careful that it doesn’t slip away from your hand.

  1. Convenience

Though rotary machine demands more knowledge and precision to operate (as we have already discussed), it is convenient for the artists to use. This type of machine is quite easy to configure and control. That way you need not buy multiple machines for each needle depth. You can easily change the needle on the same machine without having to delete and rearrange the configuration. It won’t take a long time as well. Also, it displays a consistent quality result.

  1. Speed

Speed is an important aspect once it comes to a rotary machine. Since it’s a lightweight one, you will have to be very careful while working. And remember, tattooing is a precise work of art. A little mistake may ruin the entire appearance and clients may get dissatisfied. Especially in this competitive market where tattooing has become a craze among the young gen, you cannot expect to drive customers and revenue with negative reviews and poor ratings. Though there are some tattoo removers available in the market that you may use to erase the mistakes, you cannot undo the poor experience of the clients.

  1. Customization

Customization is a great feature in a rotary machine. It is designed in such a way that the artist may customize is the way he or she wants. If your needle breaks or something else goes wrong, or you have to change the control settings, you need not purchase a new machine. You can easily customize it. However, you need great expertise and efficiency to customize the settings.

  1. Maintenance and Cleaning

Nowadays, most of the rotary machines are designed as autoclavable or wipeable. This is a great feature as it prevents and cross-contamination in the machine and offers a safe experience both to the clients and the artists.

What’s your take on our article? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.

Rotary tattoo machines

Why should you buy Rotary tattoo machine… They are noiseless unit that do not vibrate. When you work with them, you need an electric power supply. Making the best tattoo with this type of a professional tattoo machines, the artists should not do several “passes” on the same place, moving move slowly and carefully not to damage the skin.

What is a rotary tattoo gun

Any of these machines works by converting rotational motion into a reciprocating one. When a tattoo artist works with it, the unit’s needle is immersed under the skin. The master can adjust the force of the needle’s immersion and its speed. The needle with ink comes into the skin to a depth of approximately 1,5 mm. The speed of a rotary machine passage reaches 50 – 1000 beats per minute: it depends on the item’s type and its price. When using the rotary device, pass one place several times.

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