Rotary tattoo machines

Why should you buy Rotary tattoo machine… They are noiseless unit that do not vibrate. When you work with them, you need an electric power supply. Making the best tattoo with this type of a professional tattoo machines, the artists should not do several “passes” on the same place, moving move slowly and carefully not to damage the skin.

What is a rotary tattoo gun

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Any of these machines works by converting rotational motion into a reciprocating one. When a tattoo artist works with it, the unit’s needle is immersed under the skin. The master can adjust the force of the needle’s immersion and its speed. The needle with ink comes into the skin to a depth of approximately 1,5 mm. The speed of a rotary machine passage reaches 50 – 1000 beats per minute: it depends on the item’s type and its price. When using the rotary device, pass one place several times.

Our best offers

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