Tattoo supplies and accessories

Previously, tattoos were done by hand – first the master pierced the skin and then he applied the ink. This method is still used in some countries, but still most of the artists use pro rotary tattoo machine – a hand-held electrical appliance, which consists of a tube with ink and a needle. Our company RightStuff wholesale store offers you to order online with worldwide delivery quality supplies, rotary and inductive machines for tattoo, and other necessary parts for starting a tattoo business or just practicing this original art. We give you the best price for all tattoo tools. When our clients buy any tattoo stuff here, they save more than anywhere else. Buying the stuff for a professional artist, the customers make a perfect deal. You get the unit with a warranty.

Clip cords and power supplies

Any artist, using professional tattoo machines for his work, sometimes gets on sale some additional units. For instance, he can order an additional clip cord or purchase a new power supply. RightStuff as distributor sells and offers for your studio professional custom tattoo masters and amateurs picking the best-quality equipment made of aluminum and steel. Making this deal, the buyer gets the 2-years warranty on eternal things.Finest

Finest supplies for each tattoo master

Each master, even a beginner, knows – his business will not last long if he does not order good and reliable tattoo equipment. Besides ink and needles, he should have a special gun for making tattoos for clients. RightStuff also has everything for tattoo – from convenient long-lasting RS power supplies to special sets, coil, ink, medical supplies and other technical accessories.

Use the best products of our company

Even the best masters will not work with maximum result when working with old tools, making tattoos that cause pain and discomfort. Therefore, each tattoo artist should not only create new sketches and improve his professional skills, but also use professional tattoo items. We offer a wide range of products, including new units that feature functionality and a long service life. Masters who purchased tattoo guns or needles at RightStuff significantly expand the range of their services and attract new customers.

Buying tattoo tools at RightStuff you make an advantageous investment into the development of you own business.

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