Coil tattoo machines

Coil tattoo machines are the traditional equipment, which is used by professional tattoo artists. Today with the help of the best tattoo coil machines it’s possible to do a wide range of works (drawing strokes, shaded lines, etc.), and apply the image to thickened skin areas. In order to draw tattoo is used a needle, attached to the rod, which is attracted and repelled by the plate under the action of an electromagnet. The needle in the process of work of the tattoo master moves in a straight line, but because of the strong vibration, its efficiency is can be reduced. So, a big part of success depends on the professional level of master.

In the modern technological world, there is a constant process of improvement. No big surprise, that on the market of tattoo services there are all new models of machines (tattoo machines), specializing in the performance of specific functions.

The work of professional coil tattoo machines is based on electromagnetism: electromagnetic coils alternately attract and repel the steel firing pin to which the tattoo needle is attached. For high-quality work of the machine, it is necessary to use power supplies with a current strength of at least 2 Amperes, as well as a quality clip-cord and pedal. By appointment, induction tattoo machines are divided into three main types: contour, paint and shadow.

Coil tattoo machine liner is used for drawing contour lines. Liner, which is tuned correctly, makes dense and homogeneous lines. The biting strokes of the contour make the skin a “stuffing”. Typically, contoured machine tattoos have a fast work speed: 110-125 beats per second, while producing a sonorous “z-z-z-z-z” sound. For this, in tattoo machine coil parts there is a lightweight boom and a short front spring, a small “working” distance from the rear edge of the striker’s saddle, the contact screw is at an obtuse angle.

Color Packer is a type of custom coil tattoo machines

Which is designed for dense skin coloring with colored tattoo paint. Correctly designed coloring quickly and tightly drives the tattoo pigment, with minimal injuries to the skin. Typically, the spray-painting machine tattoos have a soft, “sticky” kick striker and a slow speed of work: 70-95 beats per second, while producing a sonorous sound “f-g-f-g”. The constructive feature of the paintbrush tattoo machines: a heavy beater, long distance from the back edge of the striker to the saddle, the contact screw stands at an acute angle.

Soft Shader coil tattoo gun is used for shading of the skin with light (shadow) pigments. Correctly manufactured shadow tattoo machines should drive the tattoo needle to the desired depth, while causing minimal injuries to the skin. Shadow tattoo machines run at medium speeds: 90-110 beats per second. They have a soft punch, but in contrast to “shading” without “sticking”.

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