Pen tattoo machine Hornet (Black)


Tattoo pen machine Hornet

Compatible with all standard cartridges

Stroke 3 mm
Variable up to 4 mm needle depth
8000 RPM
Preferred voltage 4,5-13 volts

RCA Connection
Aluminium Body
Weight 145 gr.



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“EMS” – Sipping by EMS express mail with Tracking number, delivery time around 15 days worldwide.


tattoo pen machine

Tattoo artists that often work with clients ordering body paintings and permanent makeup will like this black aluminum pen tattoo machine Hornet. The device’s design really resembles a thick massive pen style machine. Thus, to accomplish his work, a master must keep it in his hand as he holds a ball pen and it works perfectly.

The unit uses the same power supply as a traditional device for creating skin paintings, working at voltage of 4, 5 –13 V, but it is as versatile as a classic pen is. Somebody will recognize a marker in this machine, but a professional will tell you – this is the comfortable light-weight (145 grams) tattoo pen machine that makes even accurate lines and shades skin areas.

It works with all cartridges manufactured for the machines of this type. The speed of its motor, 8000 RPM, is great enough to create permanent lines, shading the image quickly and with no pain. The pen machine works better as a shader. The beginners should better make with it smaller skin paintings. Professionals can create larger tattoos.


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