KEG – Rotary tattoo machine Variable (Red)


Direct Drive Rotary tattoo machine

Machine à tatouer rotative entraînement direct

Variable 1mm to 5mm stroke
8000 RPM
Preferred voltage 6-13 volts

Recommended Needles: Up to 18 Liner, UP to 39 Mag

Clip Cord + RCA Connection
Aluminium Body
Weight 140 gr.



We have 2 shipping options:

“Standard” – Shipping by Registered Mail with Tracking number (free for the machines), delivery time 10-30 days - most of EU Countries and US states if there's no any issues with your country local post, sorting centers or customs, and 30-60 days - Canada, Asia and Australia.
“EMS” – Sipping by EMS express mail with Tracking number, delivery time around 15 days worldwide.


Rotary devices for tattoos differ from induction machines by the presence of a small powerful rotor. Due to this special feature, an artist can easily adjust speed of the needle movement and, additionally, the force of its impact. The needle of the simplest rotary device, plunged into special paint, penetrates into the skin by about 2 mm at a speed of 50 to 1000 times per minute. Red KEG – Rotary tattoo machine Variable works at a speed of 8 000 RMP and makes 1 – 5 mm stroke! It means that a client never gets any painful feelings. Due to the fast operation the device vibrates slightly. The person, working with this machine does not feel tiredness, and the client relaxes also. This unit serves better for making lines and permanent make-up. Shading with it is a longer procedure that can cause slight pain.

This direct drive device works at voltage of 6 –13 V. Thanks to its light weight (145 gr) many professionals and artists, just beginning working with tattoos, pick this compact machine.


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