Direct drive tattoo machine

When Samuel O’Reilly (a tattoo specialist from New York) invented his first rotary electric tattoo machine in 1891, it was a real sensation. Before that, everyone practiced manual method of making tattoos, which was slow and very distressing. With time, tattoo artists started using different equipment, including safe and lightweight direct drive tattoo guns.

Best modern direct drive tattoo machine works from the motor, providing great torque, which means the lines’ quality. This stuff can work with needles and cartridges, depending on your preferences. They are popular because of the following pros:

  1. Low weight, which reduces the excessive load on the master’s hand during long work.
  2. Low noise level.
  3. Low vibration.
  4. Softness / hardness regulation: it makes a tattoo artist work comfortable and reduces the risk of accidental injury of the client.

Most often, direct drive rotary machines are used for multi-color, artistic works, where the speed and density of the contour are not the main indicators.

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