Pen tattoo machine Hornet (Gold)

US $350.00

Pen tattoo machine Hornet

Stift tattoo maschine Hornet

Compatible with all standard cartridges

Stroke 2,5mm
Variable up to 3,5mm needle depth
8000 RPM
Preffered voltage 4,5-13 volts

RCA Connection
Aluminium Body
Weight 145 gr.



We have 2 shipping options:

“Standard” – Shipping by Registered Mail with Tracking number (free for the machines), delivery time from 10 days (most of EU Countries US states) and up to 45 days (Asia and Australia).
“EMS” – Sipping by EMS express mail with Tracking number, delivery time around 15 days worldwide.


Tattooing is an ancient art. Centuries ago skin paintings had their special purposes – people believed: a tattoo could protect them from diseases or a sudden death; help them frightening enemies and attracting beloved persons. Making a tattoo old masters cut the skin and injected special paints under it. The whole process was very painful.

Today a professional can even make a tattoo constant make-up: the client will never get unpleasant feelings. Using special aluminum Pen tattoo machine Hornet (Gold) he can easily make even lines and tiny tattoos. This professional device for make-up and tattooing meet all the requirements for hygiene and quality. It lets a master producing precise lines – the pen will work perfectly for more than four-five years.

Replacing the unit’s cartridge is a simple process, as almost all convenient cartridges are compatible with this device. The item that weights 145 grams works at 8000 RPM speed at 4,5-13 V voltage. The needle’s depth varies from 1 to 3,5 mm.

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