LUCKY BLK Shader Tattoo Machine

US $270.00

The frame is machined from a single piece of steel
High quality coils – 26 mm * 10 wraps
Blackened steel hardware
Preffered needles 7-15m
Long stroke
Runs 105hz at 6,6 volt -unloaded

Tattoo machine weight 200gr.

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Since ancient times tattoos have been applied with sharp objects, such as fragments of pots, fish bones, pointed sticks, and animal teeth. The procedure was very painful and required endurance and will power. Therefore, the owners of tattoos were considered bold and extremely strong. The special machine for creating permanent images on the skin appeared in 1891 in America. The first masters used henna, ocher, coal and even soot – these were the “ink” of the first American tattoo salons. Later, they worked even with gunpowder!

Contemporary equipment for tattooing uses harmless special ink and paintings. For instance, working with long-stroke steel LUCKY BLK Shader Tattoo Machine, an artist can create a large-square skin picture. The client might come to the master several times, but the result will be excellent. The tattoo will have a realistic look! The unit that works with 7-15 needles, runs at 105 Hz and 6, 6 V when it is unloaded. Having 26 mm coils with 10 wraps, it weights 200 g.


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