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Getting a permanent tattoo? Popular designs and their meanings

What are tattoos? The word tattoo is derived from the Polynesian word. Tattoos have been there since time immemorial and they were on the body for reason than to depict a custom, a person of reverence or during the nazi regime being branded for life to segregate a person or community. Check out the different tattoo meanings before you finalize on the one of your choices. Stay with the trend!

Why tattoos are permanent 

Tattoos are permanent puncture wounds made into the second layer of the skin known as the dermis. They aren’t superficial on the upper layer which is known as epidermis which keeps shedding and the tattoos won’t last that way. As years go by the ink goes deeper and establishes itself into the fibroblasts of the skin, hence observed older tattoos look jaded but firmly embedded and more difficult to take out.

There are many kinds of tattoos and trends change from time to time but the most popular ones keep coming up and people want them for the uniqueness and one of kind experience. Check out the latest trend of different tattoo meanings before inking on.

Tribal tattoos 

These are geometrical patterns with intricate detailing usually covering a large area of the body. They are borrowed from indigenous tribes and aboriginal cultures from all over the world. They may nature symbols such as sun, stars, birds etc. Such as the Maori, Haida, tribal tattoos depicting clans etc.

Angel, star, wings, etc

These tattoos are what they say they are usually for a loved one and they come in different shapes and sizes on various parts of the body.

Dream catcher, fairy, dragons, birds, butterflies 

These tattoos are popular among youth today as they symbolise power, love, companionship.

Sun and moon 

These tattoos symbolise light, knowledge, power and illumination. They look great and need not be huge and be made on any part of the body.

Celtic tattoo 

They are designs in knots and depict ancient mysteries. They look good and some of them need a lot of intricate work to be done.

Skull, crown pin-up girls

These tattoos are usually sported by bikers, hoodlums etc. who want to express their might and show they are carefree etc.

Chinese alphabet, initials of names, dates etc

These are for remembering loved ones or important dates to preserve for posterity.

Animal tattoos 

Lions, tigers, dogs, cats and other animals which you love are used for depiction.

Flowers, trees, shrubs

These are drawn for the look and aesthetic sense. Ideally, to say that nature is to be protected or is a natural giver.

Religious symbols, sun signs 

These are the prominent tattoos that many get done and it is actually trending in the youth.

Blossoms, dragonfly, cartoon characters, musical instruments 

These are very popular and they usually are more typical of girls getting such tattoos. They are delicate and small and seem personal statement.

Line tattoos, arrow or weapons, funny or colourful tattoos 

These are the different ways of expression and one may have a single kind or many drawn all over the body. The artist is using the body as the canvas and beautiful imagery is seen with pain felt on both sides, pun intended!

 3D tattoos 

These are the in things and youths vie for eye-catching themes.

Whole-body tattoos 

Many people do it for liberation or exhibitionism. But covering the body with tattoos will be there for a long time and people will continue to do so to have to express themselves through tattoos.

Aftercare of the permanent tattoo

After getting a tattoo done, it’s very important to look after it properly. The healing process may take time and care should be taken that it does not turn septic or bleeds frequently. If so, it’s better to go to the doctor than trying out home remedies which may worsen the situation.

  • The bandage should on the area of tattoo for a full day.
  • Do not touch the tattooed area and not picking at scabs which may occur on the skin.
  • Clean the tattooed area with warm water and soap and no harsh chemicals to be used.
  • The area should be kept dry and after a wash pat, it dry and not rub it dry.
  • An application antiseptic ointment or a fragrance-free moisturizer will do the trick.
  • Hot baths and sun have to be avoided until the wound is fully healed.
  • After healing direct sunlight may affect the tattoo so sunscreen is recommended.

It is thus always suggested to go for inking only with a professional permanent tattoo artist. Always ensure that the artist knows his job well. Seek reviews from friends and family to find the best one.

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