Review: Shim Rotary Tattoo Machine by RightStuff

It all started with the fact that I was looking for a new rotary with a classic motor location. I was very interested in Shim Rotary Tattoo Machine of the Belarusian manufacturer Right Stuff. 

Buy immediately did not dare because of suspiciously low price, but it became curious what it is.  

As a result of the work, I decided to write a review, highlighting all the pros and cons of this device. It is possible that the information below will help you make a purchase decision.  


The price is 450USD.  For comparison, a fantom close to the Brand Bishop Rotary will cost you about 550USD. In addition to its price, shim rotary tattoo machine attracts a guarantee from the manufacturer for a period of 1 year and the proximity of the service.


Shim is packed in a cloth bag with ties and a craft box. In addition to the machine itself, the set includes: 4 plastic bars in a ziplock, 2 spare screws for the eccentric and 2 hex keys.

The Right Stuff cartridge grip (not included when purchased) for cartridges was packed in the same way – in a bag and a box.

All equipment is guaranteed by the manufacturer for one year. The service is located in Minsk, unless otherwise agreed with the distributor.


Overview and features

The overall design and functionality are well thought out. There is nothing superfluous in the tattoo gun that has a positive effect on reliability, ergonomics and weight. In my opinion, this is an important factor: bulky and brutal tattoo machines are already obsolete.


The low weight is associated with the use of aviation aluminium on the body and composite plastic – a lightweight but durable material.

The motor is very compact and does not weigh down the structure. Especially for Right Stuff, Faulhaber has manufactured a 9V powered engine with bearings, which is the first experience of such a custom for this manufacturer.

The eccentric is freely available: you can easily change the bar while you work if you need to. At the moment, the manufacturer has eccentrics 3.0 mm and 3.5 mm, they can be purchased separately.


It is worth mentioning the diagonal location of the RCA nest. The wire is angled relative to the brush and does not interfere during work.


The device is equipped with a universal lock, which perfectly holds both the grip with a classic backstem, and Cheyenne type grips.


Consider the specifications stated on the manufacturer’s official website:

The needle’s stroke is 3 mm.

6,500 rpm

The recommended voltage range for the most efficient operation is 8-10V;

4 pusher bars of different rigidity;

Recommended needles: up to 15 – liner, up to 23 – magnum;

Weight : 53 grams (!!!)

I will focus on the main points in more detail:

The needle’s stroke

Previously, I worked with a tattoo machine with the needle stroke 4.2 mm, and the result suited me: it turned out exactly what you need. I tried other devices with a move of 3 mm, outlining them did not like absolutely, but coloring – a pleasure. With Shim rotary gun everything is different: both the outlines and the colors go equally easy and well, the result pleases.

If you need a higher metric, pay attention to the eccentrics with the stroke of a 3.5 mm needle. The range also has eccentrics on 3 mm, and in the near future the manufacturer plans to launch an eccentric on 2.5 mm for black’grey and thin lines.  


Turnovers per minute

6,500 rpm is a speed at which the gun tattoo copes perfectly with both the lining and the color. It is worth remembering that the application of the outlines by a rotary machine has its own specifics. It’s not a quick process, but with a certain skill everything is real.


The Shim machine rotary performed well at 9.5V, but it’s hard to contour on a smaller volt, and it’s a “fence” when you paint. This option is more suitable for an artists working in the technique of whipshading.



The set provides 4 pushers of different rigidity from another manufacturer, which are made of plastic of different density. Right Stuff is now developing its own pushers, which will soon go on sale.

In my opinion, the softest and toughest pushers differ in appearance, but the rest are almost identical visually and to the touch. Of course, it would be more convenient if all 4 bars were marked, and they were accompanied by a memo with description and recommendations for use.


Let’s look at each of them in more detail:

The toughest bar

Suitable for lines using large groups of tattoo needles – 14RL or 18RL, for example. Paint such a bar should be carefully: severely traumatized skin. I tried to put the lightest gravehead with the tips of the needles, but the result was too black, as if just using black to paint.

Medium-hard bars 

Combined them into one group for a simple reason – the bars are barely distinguishable in principle and in the work show themselves almost the same. With them tattoo in any style will be done quickly.

Soft bar 

In my opinion, it is ideal for “realists” and all who love filigree, literally “licked” works. This pusher allows you to get soft transitions and velvet dense color, minimally traumatizing the skin. The lymph is released in very small amounts. 

A few words about the Cartridge Right Stuff Grip

The grip is 32 mm diameter, with a case of steel and aluminum.

The weight is only 100 grams, slightly more than the Shim tattoo rotary machine itself, which guarantees the perfect balance in the process.

Perfectly extinguishes vibration when working even with large groupings of needles. Conveniently lies in the hand, allows you to work comfortably during both short and many hours of sessions.

The grip can be autoclaved and processed in dry heat at a temperature not exceeding 138 degrees Celsius.


On the official website of the manufacturer are available grips with a diameter of 25 mm with the adjustment of depth. It is compatible with all tattoo cartridges.



  1. Laconic design
  2. A small weight
  3. Low price
  4. Versatility
  5. Thoughtful ergonomics;
  6. Operational feedback from the manufacturer

RightStuff Shim rotary tattoo machine

Right Stuff’s Rotary Tattoo Machines made me happy. This is the tool that you can do any work in all sorts of styles.

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