Rotary tattoo needles

To make your tattoo look beautiful, you need to choose a good master with the right equipment. Tattoo machines and rotary tattoo needle for machine should be made of high quality materials and from a trusted manufacturer. Tattoo masters use rotary tattoo needle for machine, which are made of ligated steel, nickel or platinum. This consumable must always be in excess, so that the embarrassment to the customer does not turn out.

What kinds of rotary tattoo needle for machine exist?

High-quality rotary tattoo needle for machine are conventionally classified by type of construction:

Long-conical sharpening rotary tattoo needle for machine is best needle for tattoo lining used to fill the contour, shadows and individual lines of the drawing. A special design does not allow the allocation of a large volume of paint under the skin, which helps keep pressure and tint under control;

Bullet-sharpening rotary tattoo needle is the best needle size for tattoo lining used to gloss the tattoo. They allow you to inject a large amount of paint under the skin and densely paint the picture. When blinking, the master exerts more effort and increases the pressure of the mechanism of the machine.

Recently, soldered in one smallest tattoo needle appeared on the market. They significantly speed up the work process and allow the paint to be applied evenly under the skin. The contour is applied in one, a maximum rotary tattoo needle in quantity of 3 is the best size tattoo needle for lining, if a small pattern is stuffed in sensitive areas. When working with rotary tattoo needle welded into bundles, a powerful machine is needed. Rotor-type devices, although less powerful than induction, are minimally susceptible to vibrational waves. And this factor is very important for the work of a master with tattoo contours.

Needles for car tattoos are classified by quantity:

Single rotary tattoo needle- universal needle, suitable for all major types of work are the best tattoo needle size for line work;

What tattoo needle is best for lining?

Round – from 3 to 18 needles in one bundle, used to draw contours, or if they are free, they blink the drawing;

Flat tattoo needle for machine- from 4 to 6 soldered in one row of tattoo needle for machine, is used for applying soft shadows and feathering;

Magnum tattoo needle for machine – 5 to 13 soldered tattoo needle for machine  in flat bundles, used for drawing shadows and feathering.

To buy good tattoo needle for machine, you should choose production with good repute and tattoo needle angle.

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