Flat shader needle 15F

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Since the time of primitive people, tattoos have a “protective” function — they secure a person owning this tattoo from all ills and evils. Often people order a tattoo of a fantastic picture, dragons, animals, photos of beloved ones and images of celebrities, drawings of their pets and whatnot. A cool master always makes absolutely realistic images. He gets the effect of “reality” by applying many shades to the contour of a pre-done tattoo. These shades are always done with flat tattoo needles. High-quality 15F needles (0.35 mm in diameter) are applied for contours and feathering, and also for creating of symmetrical lines. As these needles are longer, it leads to an increase in the penetration of the pigment under the skin and a more dense color, which is very good when working in the cover-up, however is also significantly increases the trauma of the skin. Therefore only real tattoo professionals can work with these units.


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