Round Magnum needle 11RM

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Round Magnum needle

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The art of creating tattoos is evolving − therefore every day new works of tattoo professionals appear, amazing with their complexity and, at the same time, with deep meaning and amazingly detailed drawing of details. For instance, Fantasy tattoo style assumes the high professionalism of the tattoo artist, because an artist must not only represent the chosen sketch, but also understand the very structure of the picture, be able to advise the right place for a tattoo.

Traditionally persons who know a tattoo art well offer their clients making an image on their shoulder or wrist. If centuries ago the images of different mystical beings from ancient times adorned the bodies of priests and other important persons, today any man or a woman can come to a tattoo salon and ask a master giving them a bizarre skin picture with a hidden meaning.

The style of fantasy attracts attention: a combination of interesting story lines with high-quality performance gives an amazing result.

Moreover, when a master uses Round Magnum needle 11RM professional tattoo needles (0.35 mm in diameter also), the tattoo turns to be an extremely realistic image – these needles provide perfect shading and making dense contours !


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