Round liner needle 5RL

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Contemporary tattooing today formally and visually shares the definition of “craft” and “art”. However, certainly it differs too much from what we are used to understand by the word ART. As a rule, you cannot buy or sell a tattoo, once made for you, like you can do with usual paintings.

Meanwhile, you can almost physically feel how a tattoo has changed your life. Naturally, if the image on your skin has some secret meaning, you can inspire yourself that it will help you cope with evil and mischief. Curious, but it works. Tattoo artists, working in this business for years, know many clients, who managed to change their life after they made a tattoo “with meaning”.

Certainly, these “helpful” tattoos can be created only when professional equipment, especially good-quality needles are used.

Round liner needle 5RL stainless steel needles that have 0.35 mm in diameter, must present in a studio of any tattoo artist or be kept in his closet when the guy works at home. These tattoo needles, made to perform lines of middle length, can be ordered online any convenient for you time.


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