Round Shader needle 7RS

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Tattooing can be a serious threat to the health of both the tattoo artist, and the client, and even any person attending a tattoo salon. The artist is responsible for taking appropriate measures to minimize the threat to health. Quite a lot of people carry the infection in the blood without the appearance of clear recognizable symptoms of the disease, so any tattoo salon or a private tattoo workshop is open to contact with various viral and bacteriological infections. Each master must use disposable needles or better the needles which can be easily sterilized, for instance round shading stuff. 7RS needles form a round thinned bunch for shading, making shadows and smooth color transitions. Manually soldered, they have 1.5 mm medium sharpening and 0.35 mm diameter. Sterilized with ethylene oxide, they come in an individual pack. Neither a master not a client can be infected when a tattoo processional regularly sterilizes 7RS made from stainless steel.


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