Round liner needle 3RL

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Round liner needle 3RL

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If 8-15 years ago a person whose body was covered with tattoos was mostly rejected by society (people often connected tattoos with criminal world), for now, no one, who meets such a guy on the street exclaims: “Gosh! What is it?!” The sight of a woman or a man in her or his middle years also does not surprise anybody anymore.

The tattoo professionals can make perfect tattoos even on skin of elderly people. Naturally, the best “material” for a tattoo, especially, if the image has pretty thing lines, is an elastic skin of a person in her/his 20-30s. It is easier working with this people, especially using 3 RL needles, designed for making long straight and curly solid lines. The diameter of these middle-length needles varies from 0.3 to 0.35 mm, and their sharpening is 1.5 mm.


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