Round Shader needle 5RS

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A small tattoo has rarely a very good quality. However, when a master makes a large tattoo, it almost always consists of tiny details. All these details must be shadowed finely. For instance, making a realistic portrait, a master asks his client prepare a shoulder, back, or other large area. Making some portrait details – shading eyes, lips and nose, professional almost always takes 5RS needles with 0.35 diameter and 1.5 sharpening. After all, when you need a certain type of a tattoo, find a master who works in this style. Tattoo professionals, like designers or illustrators, almost always specialize in some style. It’s worth using. Your familiar tattoo artist can give a discount, but we are talking about an image which you are getting to “wear” it for life. If you need a Japanese dragon, look for a master who works exactly in this style and makes it stunning using 5RS needles for creating the creature’s wings and tail details.


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