Round Shader needle 18RS

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Today an Oriental, especially Japanese and Chinese tattoo style has got a huge popularity. Learning about meaning of some tattoos, people start believing a skin image can completely change their life (sure, for better). They ordered 2-3 colored large tattoos covering their body, the realistic images of various animals, the pictures with different shades. These Japanese and Chinese tattoos are made “step by step”, in several days. After a master finishes making a tattoo contour, he takes Round Shader needles and starts coloring and shading the future tattoo. 18 RS needles, 0.35 mm in diameter and with 1.5 mm sharpening, do not bring a client pain even when the daily procedure lasts over three hours. Before making a tattoo, a master must tell his client about a real meaning of this or that image. For instance, Tiger (Tora) personifies force, courage and a long life. Hit tattoo image protects from misfortunes, diseases and demons. It is believed that wearing a tiger on the body protects against pains and diseases. Hawk (Taka) symbolizes courage, fighting spirit and nobility. The symbol is used to describe people who have great talent, but a modest character. Snake (Hebi), whose skin is shadowed with 18RS needles protects from diseases, natural disaster, failure. It is a good symbol, bringing happiness and prosperity.


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