BONE BLCK Shader Tattoo Machine

USD 270 excl.Vat

The frame is machined from a single piece of steel

High quality coils – 25 mm * 10 wraps

Blackened steel hardware

Preferred needles 7-15m

Soft hit, Medium stroke

Runs 105hz at 6,6 volt -unloaded

Tattoo machine weight 180gr.


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Right Stuff offers tattoo artists ordering an inexpensive professional BONE BLCK Shader Tattoo Machine. Unlike the liner machine, the shader is based on the relatively smooth penetration of a tattoo element into the epidermis. Experts claim that it contributes to providing a higher quality of the tattoo. Meanwhile, when a master works with this unit, he must know that the ink under the skin can blur.

This special tattoo shader is mostly used for the purpose of injecting a pigment (special tattoo ink) into the epidermis. It is very effective when making large skin colored paintings. If a tattoo liner is mostly needed mainly for drawing contours of tattoos, the BONE BLCK Shader tattoo machine is served for painting them.

The unit’s construction makes the shader a very convenient device. It has a soft spring, as well as 10 wraps 25 millimeters coils. The shader has more weight and dimensions compared to a liner (this device weights 180 grams). The item is operated at 105 Hz and its voltage is 6, 6 V.


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