LUCKY TrueLiner RS-VB Collab 1 Tattoo Machine


Design by VladBlad all hardware and tunings RightStuff
Limited series of 10 machines, each machine one of a kind
Tattoo machine power liner
The frame is machined from a single piece of Steel
High quality coils – 26 mm * 9 wraps
Preffered needles 9-18rl
Long stroke
Runs 130hz at 6,6 volt -unloaded

Tattoo machine weight 200gr.

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“Standard” – Shipping by Registered Mail with Tracking number (free for the machines), delivery time 10-30 days - most of EU Countries and US states if there's no any issues with your country local post, sorting centers or customs, and 30-60 days - Canada, Asia and Australia.
“EMS” – Sipping by EMS express mail with Tracking number, delivery time around 15 days worldwide.


TrueLiner RS- VladBlad Collab 1 Tattoo Machine is really a perfect choice for inspired tattoo master! It works very delicately both with BW works, and with soft color transitions. It does not matter what the density of paint it. Just add one volt, if the paint is thick. It allows you to quickly and without large “points” make tiny portraits by small magnums or RS, as well as large areas with BF gradients needles up to 35 magnums. The frequency and response time are calculated in such a way that in one stroke this wheel leaves much more pigment than most other machines! As a result – fewer holes, higher quality, little injury and rapid healing. It is also easily controlled due to the smallest vibrations. Thanking to unique combination of all the components, this machine possesses a particular sharp stroke in the end of its amplitude. You can work with high or medium – speed too. The tattoo machine develops professionalism, not allowing you to relax.


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