Rotary vs coil tattoo machines

Today we’ll try to compare Rotary vs coil tattoo machines

Rotary vs coil tattoo machines

Every single proficient tattoo master has a certain pattern while choosing the type of the tattoo machine that will fit him or her best. The main justification for such a choice may be completely different and should be decided case by case. Although, it’s clear that there is going to be a point when he or she needs to decide whether to buy tattoo machines rotary vs coil. There are certain distinctions between both of them, so it may be helpful to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each machine.

It is generally known to be accepted that the rotary tattoo machines are really quiet, unlike their counterpart (coil tattoo gun). It’s also said to be less damaging to the skin while operating than the coil machines. Besides, rotary tattoo machines are relatively easy to use even for the inexperienced masters regardless of the level of ability.

Rotary tattoo machines have needles that move slightly faster than in the coil ones and have the consistent movements that are exceptionally good for laying out the color. Thus, it is generally true that smaller needle groupings produce the nicest work with the rotary machines.

As for the disadvantages, there is an evidence from the masters to claim that the rotary tattoo machines have a need to withstand the full pat lengthwise to complete the motion, which may be time-consuming for the tattooing process. Moreover, rotary tattoo machines are known for not responding well enough to the pressure of the skin compared rotary vs coil tattoo machines.

This may cause some serious problems for the clients if the tattoo artist is not being careful and following the safety rules. One of the biggest disadvantages, however, is the fact that the rotary tattoo machines make the process of scratching lines and making them deep more difficult, unlike the coil machines.

As for the coil machines, there are certain advantages to favor them over the rotary ones. First of all, they are the best fit for the work connected with refining lines and making them smooth enough, as well as shading and intricate work.

Secondly, the coil machines have a truly strong motor, which is crucial when it comes to the needle grouping that experienced tattoo artists are used to doing. Not to forget to mention that the coil tattoo machines offers tattoo artists more control over the process overall because of their built and easiness to use. Finally, the fans of customization would appreciate the fact that the coil guns, unlike rotary ones, are way easier to modify or build on your own.

On the other hand, the coil tattoo machines have some cons to them, just like the rotary ones. The coil tattoo machine are very noisy, which could make it annoying for the masters to work with them on the everyday basis. Also, the coil tattoo machines require a big chunk of experience before starting to work with them, which makes the entry-level inaccessible to many. They also have more moving parts and require the higher maintenance level than the rotary tattoo machines.

It’s important to have a good sense of the advantages of both types of machines to see if you want to choose tattoo machines rotary or coil.

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