How to improve your tattoo skills

How to improve your tattoo skills 1

At the turn of the last decades, the impression was created that the meaning of his body through tattooing evolved from a ritual, a taboo, to a fashionable and almost ubiquitous custom. Now, according to the latest research, making permanent adornment, allowing ink under your skin to encourage us, can not only prevail tendencies, aesthetic considerations, but also health problems.
The American Journal of Human Biology published an amazing study of tattoos. It turns out that the importance of the body with these strong pictures can strengthen the immune system and even help speed up the fight against infection.

Researchers from the University of Alabama in the United States underwent a tattoo study, taking samples of saliva before and after embellishing the body. When analyzing the concentration of immunoglobulin A (responsible for protecting the body) and cortisol (stress hormone), it was clear that people who had not previously sat in a chair to make tattoos were definitely more resistant to stress and infection. Otherwise, he looked at people who decided to make a tattoo the first time. In them, the level of immunoglobulin A initially decreased significantly, which, in turn, reduced the body’s resistance.

Thus, the results of these studies are that if we have already decided on the first tattoo, we should think about the second, and maybe the third, because each of us is testing our body.
However, it’s worth adding that you do not need to fund your tattoo to strengthen your immune system, as there are other medical methods that will also help you avoid colds. However, if the study only confirmed that you want to decorate your body forever, perhaps this article is inspired for you in the search for the perfect template.

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How to improve your tattoo skills 2