Rotary Tattoo Machine vs Coil one

The most common types of tattoo machines are coil and rotary. Tattoos are most often made with coil machines − they make fewer errors in the impact of the needle, it is possible to adjust the amplitude of the needle movement there. They are also suitable for soft shadows (if it is a shadow machine). Rotary tattoo machine in use is much less common, but good for a dense painting. The advantage of a rotary is that they are quieter than coil machines. They are also used in permanent make-up.

Magnetically motive force in a Rotor machine created by the winding is first converted into rotational motion of the rotor (hence the name of this devices) and only then by means of a mechanical transmission this rotational motion becomes translational, that is, the one that must be “sent” to the needles.

What is the secret of rotor machines popularity?

Hence a simple question arises: is a rotor machine better than the coil one?

The answer is negative.

Summarizing the above, it is fair to say that any professional tattoo master must have in his studio both rotary and coil machines.