Different types of tattoo transfer paper

A marvelous body art

Tattoo transfer paper for Those, who admire tattoos can’t imagine their life without an interesting image. Of course, they themselves choose the picture they want to see on their skin. There is the only problem: picture on the skin must be exactly as the client wants. The 21-st century is famous for a great technical progress, that’s why making tattoos became an easy process.

Every tattoo artist knows how to solve this problem. Every picture will be true to life if use a tattoo transfer paper. That’s such kind of paper where one has the model of a painting at, have run the line of artwork through the thermographic transfer maker. This is a wonderful way not to spoil the skin of the client making wrong lines directly there without a preliminary drawing a sketch.

There are two types of a tattoo transfer paper: Thermal and Hectograph. The great difference between them is that the second has no thermal copier. Well, the quality of the image may be much more better, if one use thermal paper, and, transference on the body is faster due to the

Thermal paper

Stick to the name it become obvious that heat is used to transfer the image from one area to another. There are three pieces of paper:

  • the layer for transferring image onto. It is top and has the white color;
  • 2-d is not connected and has a milky-white color. It is thin and usually is thrown away;
  • Third bottom is carbon (blue paper\purple). While pressing to this ink layer, the coating of this color to be transferred to the upper sheet. The interesting fact is that during the usage of special red stencil paper the 3-d layer is red, not purple;
  • yellow and the last piece helps to hold the original in place during the usage of a stencil copy machine.

The best mix becomes while using thermal paper and thermal printer. This is the most suitable way to convey all colors and sharp lines onto the paper and, as consequence, onto the skin. All rich details remain on the body. Until S8’s revolutionary red thermal stencil paper, it was a standard purple, which was sometimes really hard to observe on some time of the skin, especially black people.

One of the possible variants is transferring with hand or free hand using this kind of paper. In this case one must has a transfer pencil to do it in the best way. A great tattoo artist should understand that using a thermal printer safe time and money.

Hectograph paper

The center piece performs the role of protective tissue. Then tattoo artist should place it onto the hard, flat and clean surface to begin transferring a sketch. At the result stencil will be on the back side of the white paper. The problem with the hectograph paper is that it requires more time to make an outline on the skin without a dot matrix printer. It is almost impossible to buy at least one nowadays, because they came from the 90-th.

Of course, the main goal is to receive a stencil paper of the highest quality, which allow to create a better sketch. All should prevent shifting the paper on the body, because lines won’t be at the right place.

Tattoo transfer paper

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