Tattoo machine kits

RightStuff company offers you professional tattoo kits for sale, all necessary consumables and various stuff for beginners. It can be both rotary tattoo machines, and induction ones. When you buy one tattoo gun kit, you can perform various types of work, including drawing contours and clearing lines. These rotary tattoo machine kits also include all sorts of important trifles: tattoo power supply, color ink, tattoos grips, erasers, accessories for settings, training DVDs, spray bottles, markers and transfer sheets, practice skin, clip cods, latex gloves, ink cups and so on.

Tattoo machines and accessories

The necessary minimum of stuff that you can use to turn your tattoo pen machine gun on and start practicing a tattoo art immediately after purchase, consist of  machine power supply, clip cord and a foot pedal. The minimum set for tattoo also includes sterile tattoo needles and tattoo inks power supply, grips and a DVD training disk. This is enough to give an excellent start to a beginning tattoo artist. Using a convenient menu of our website, you can easily choose the right tattoo starter kit – with a rotary or induction tattoo machine.

Replacing the stuff

A tattoo artist should always have a sufficient number of needles, grips and other tattoo supplies, as these parts must be regularly sterilized for safety and hygiene. While one part of the equipment is placed into an autoclave, the other one can be involved into the work. Visiting our RightStuff company, you can order various consumables not cheap but of perfect quality. All reusable parts that must be sterilized are made of special alloys that are not susceptible to oxidation.

Quality rotary tattoo kits for creating masterpieces

Are you just starting to learn the secrets of tattoo art or permanent makeup? Then you must own a tattoo set, which includes all specially selected items. Some sets and kits also include gloves, protection stuff for clip cords and machines. Convenient cases, in which all necessary equipment and consumables are placed, are locked and contain detailed instructions for setting up the machine, installing the needle and starting your first drawing. As the consumables will end, they can always be bought in our store. We offer great-quality starter tattoo kits not only for novice masters, but also for professionals who are not afraid of experiments and ready to move to a new level in the work, expanding the range of clients.

Having decided to buy the RightStuff complete tattoo kit wholesale or retail with free shipping, you will not be mistaken, because you can save on this deal, which is an important factor in favor of our online store. We are ready for a long-term cooperation!

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