Round Shader needle 14RS


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In the past, the tattoo had some magical properties, meant the status of the owner, belonging to a particular tribe or estate. Today, it often indicates belonging to any subculture (gothic, rocker, criminal, etc.). Artistic tattoos can be colored, monochrome and even white, ethnic and fantasy; they can portray animals and mystical signs, contain portraits of people and philosophical utterances. The result of the image on the skin depends on the will of the customer and the art of the master. Clients themselves usually offer ideas and themes of tattoos. For example, a person can come to a tattoo salon and ask to make on his shoulder his girl’s name decorated with a heart. Perhaps in a year he will fall in love with another and want to get rid of the picture. Then the master will “close” this tattoo with a new one, shading the old image with 14RS needles. In this case, black and dark colors for tattooing are preferable. Then, shading a new image, the master will hide the old one tattoo. Real masters do it so professionally that no one guesses there is another hidden under the colors layer tattoo. Needless to say, 14RS needles should be sterile, and they can be easily sterilized after a master finishes his work.o shade in color, blacks & greys.


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