Round liner needle 9RL

US $25.00

50 pieces/pack



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Tattooing is an art of communication and understanding people and giving them skin images that can improve their mood and bring much positive into their life. Women and men, teens, who just wish creating something very beautiful and meaningful on their body, come to a tattoo master to ask him helping in picking an image to be created later on their skin. Real tattoo professionals are great psychologists — they will not ever offer a young girl to cover all of her body with scaring tattoos, and they will, naturally dissuade a person from tattooing some aggressive slogans that can later bring him too many problems. Master, who sees a client with many tattoos, can offer him to add some original image into his “collection”. Usually, creating some fantasy images, he works with 9 RL needles (0.30—0.35 mm I diameter). Penetrating into skin, these needles leave ink under it, and —step by step — create a solid thick line forming an original picture.


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