Round liner needle 11RL

US $30.00

50 pieces/pack



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A hundred years ago, the tattoo was not as widespread as now. Today more and more people make tattoos and they are becoming more diverse. The tattoo has been changing a lot in recent years, and it has changed dramatically in the era of the Internet. If before the tattoo was something like a “local craft”, with prevailing local themes, styles and trends, globalization has blurred these boundaries. The merit of the Internet is not only in tattoo globalization: its main merit is the availability of information about the possibilities and methods of tattooing. The Internet has turned into an online catalog of tattoo art. It naturally provides good opportunities for marketing and promotion. For instance, when a beginning tattoo artist learns that 11 RL needles with 0.35 mm diameter are good for making thick solid lines, he can open the trusted site and order a bunch of this stuff for less price than it is offered in stores.


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