Round Magnum needle 5RM


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The question of the painfulness of any tattoo procedure cannot be attributed to the category of new and unexpected ones. Moreover, this is perhaps the first question asked by a person who makes a tattoo for the first time. There are legends that women tolerate the process of applying tattoos more easily, and men almost faint when they just feel how a needles or a bunch of needles penetrate into their skin. In fact, everything depends mostly on the place of the body where a skin picture is made.

Naturally, the sensitivity of various body areas is different. For instance, when a client wants getting a tattoo on his ankle or even buttock, he may not be scare by pain. These are the most “pain-off” areas. Additionally, when an artist works with sharp round magnum needle 5RM, no pain is felt at all. In less than 2-3 hours the tattoo salon visitor gets a well-done skin image with perfect clean lines and shades.


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