Round Shader needle 13RS

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Getting a large tattoo with many details made with 13RS needles for shading and some painting is only half the work. When they say that you get a tattoo “for the whole life”, people do not mention only the picture itself. A tattoo is part of your body, which you also need to take care of. Remember: your main enemy is the sun. The tattoo must be protected from it with either clothing or sunscreen (SPF 50+). Otherwise, the drawing (especially color) shaded with 13RS and other needles will quickly fade. The second enemy is his own laziness. A good master will give you a set of instructions for caring for a “new stuff”. Follow them unswervingly, because the first two weeks are very important and decisive. Consider this as a postoperative period. Will you sit on a bicycle with an unhealed foot? No doubt, a tattoo is an injury even when you felt no pain when getting it. Thousands of injections per minute, penetrating the epidermis and placing the pigment in the dermis – just imagine this! Take your time resting after a visit of a tattoo master and always follow all recommendations he gave to you.lows it to shade in color, blacks & greys.


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