Magnum needle 11M1

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50 pieces/pack



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When you see a person with tattoos covering his or hers body, you can show different reactions — from admiration to rejection and even disturbance. Really, born before mankind learned about Jesus Christ, becoming extremely popular in Africa, nowadays tattoo has become an Art (from capital letter). If centuries ago a tattoo was something like several lines forming a slogan or making an image of a certain creature, a contemporary tattoo often resembles a real picture performed by a prominent artist. Creating an image of anything (for instance, drawing nature or portraying a celebrity on a client’s skin), a master has to shade contours of a pre-made tattoo. Very often he uses Magnum 11M1 — needles that form two layers and cover the skin area with paint fast and painless. These needles have 0.35 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm sharpening. Making shading with this stuff maybe painful if a tattoo artist works with them without a care. Thus, at least some initial skills of working with tattoos here are needed.


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