Disposable Tattoo Tubes 15 Flat 25mm

25 (31 incl. VAT)

Disposable flat 15 tattoo tubes, 25mm

25 pcs/box
High quality silicone-rubber grip,
Precision Semi-transparent lexan-plastic tube-tip

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The safety of a client should be a priority for every reputable tattoo artist. The Right Stuff has a special offer for all professional and beginner tattoo artists, who do care about the health of their clients. Get a box of 25 15 flat 25mm disposable tattoo tubes and get sure you are working with really quality products. The semi-transparent 15 flat 25mm tubes made of silicone-rubber, ensure you will have a better view of the tips and needles working. This, in its turn, will provide you with a greater control over the work!


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