In addition to any tattoo machine, which of course is the main component in the work of a tattoo artist, there are also a number of necessary components for it to let the unit work. No one tattoo artist can start his creative activity when he has no good tattoo tubes, tips and grips. These are the supplies that are used when masters work with their clients. Most of this stuff is disposable, thus, each of the unit is cheap. The other advantage of each tube, grip or tips for tattoo is its sterility. Today we all care about health, preventing infections. Thus, RightStuff deals only with high-quality, reliable stuff for high quality you will never find at any other store.

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Tattoo tubes and tips

Artists, working with tattoo choose mostly disposable tubes. Visiting RightStuff site, open the catalogue and pick simple tubes or the units that have a needle already. The expiry date is marked on each product. We do care about safety of each one – the person, wishing to make a nice tattoo and his master. When the ordered disposable tubes come to your address, open the package and check the product. Call us in case when you find some defects. It happens extremely rare, and we will replace the ordered stuff instantly sending it to you.

Disposable Tattoo Tubes

Tattoo grips – disposable and multiply units

Each tattoo master knows well that grips hold perfectly the needle with a tip to let masters making accurate tattoo “pictures”. RightStuff store is ready to sell you disposable and multiply tattoo grips of all sizes available. Some grips are offered with tubes, whether the other one are sold without them. Just check at our website the prices, types and the sizes of these items and order the needed variant, letting us know about the quantity of the products you want to get.

When you decide to buy in RightStuff store tattoo equipment for business or for yourself, you can be sure of their authenticity. We have been selling tattoo equipment (tube, tip, grip and other items) for all customers, even clients living overseas. During the time we exist on the market of tattoo products, we have established good relations with the best manufacturers of equipment for tattoos.

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